Nanuk – The Great White Mountain Runner 4/14/2010 – 7/21/2013

Nanuk on Rollins Pass

Nanuk on Rollins Pass

Today I died.
On mild, calm, full moon summers day, I left these great mountains to explore new trails and greet old friends. I wasn’t feeling good for a few days but I kept it to myself, finally I did try to tell my musher last night while we were on a camping trip but I don’t think he heard me. The next morning was difficult for us all, I just wanted to sleep. My musher took me for a walk, just the two of us. The weather was cool and the sun was warm, the air was still and the forest quite, we sat for a long while, just listening.

Three weeks ago I had an accident, my stomach became twisted and I had to go to the doctors for surgery. For the following two weeks, me and my musher spent a lot of time together in the house, it felt good to be beside him so much and I was starting to feel well again.

But something happened, my tummy started to hurt again and I was feeling weak. The team went for a run last night with some friends but I stayed back in camp, I wasn’t interested in running, I wished my musher had stayed with me instead.

Nanuk – my team mate, my friend… you have new trails and mountains to explore. Run without fear or exhaustion, do not look back or wait for me. One day I will catch up to you, on that day we will run trails in mountains so tall, under black skies filled with stars, it will be the making of legends. Run strong, my brother.

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