Lazy Days of Spring

The spring weather across the Rockies is warming up and with the impromptu end of season snow flurries, the creeks are bursting and it seems at every corner you turn, a water fall is erupting from the rocks – this is great news for the Colorado fire season. In recent years the fire danger along the Front Range has been becoming very alarming, with dry and persistently hot springs and summers. So the long days of spring, laying under the sun shades has begun for the dogs, barely a wimper comes from the yard and the hikes into the back forest break up the week.

Spring training runs

Taking a break on the side of Rollins Pass

Very occasionally a cold front blows through, dipping the temperatures in the high country to around the 45f  mark and as soon as the ATV and trailer are hitched and ready for a run, the spark of “Oh my god, I remember what we normally do!” flies through the kennel. You’ve got to catch those moments when you can. The mini kennel helper and I took advantage of one said weather break last week and spent a leisurely evening running up the east side of Rollins Pass, taking a lot of water breaks and breaking at a tree clearing to set up the camera gear to shoot a timelapse sequence. At this time of year the lighting effects in the evening can be truly stunning.

Sitting still for 45 minutes is a hard task for a sled dog and the team lunged and pounded into their harnesses on the return trip. I think this training run was more of a training exercise for the musher than the dogs, long breaks with idle sunsets create a very different training atmosphere and a lot happier and harder working dogs. At the end of the evening, the dogs return to watching the shadows of the forest upon their raised platforms and listening to the chirps of the cicadas – the next day, it’s back to the sun shades.

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