End of Season 2012 – 2013

Team Walkabout on Rollins PThat time in the sledding season when the trails are becoming slushy and leisurely late afternoon runs are becoming the norm is definitely upon us. In Colorado the hints and anticipation of spring are arriving, melting snow that’s giving away to specks of green and the drastic sunsets and cloud formations. These changes also have their down sides… finding trails with enough snow to run on (or impromptu runs after a significant snowfall!), muddy dog yards, frustrated dogs expecting consistant runs and most notably, the end of winter seasonal beers.

But this year we’re going out with a bang, a few last minute mid distance runs on our favorite trails, east and west (Winter Park) Rollins Pass and a finale from St. Elmo to Hancock and Hancock Lake. It seemed fitting to end our year on the trail we started this journey on back in the beginning of November, with a bonus of reaching Hancock Lake, that last summer was just out of reach in a dry land training run. It has certainly been a season of challenges and new experiences despite the unseasonably warm weather and dry conditions but we’re looking forward to starting our adventures again next October and hitting our local favorite and yet unknown trails in full stride.

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